Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing Services

At Boubyan, we always want our clients to stay ahead of their competitors. That is why, our skilled team is always updated and educated on new accounting rules, standards and best practices. 

Our Services Include: 

  1. Bookkeeping and recording of all transactions of the company in the accounting system and Preparing trial balances and periodic Financial Reports 
  2. Personnel Management Services 
  3. Managing Employee files 
  4. Managing Leave records 
  5. Maintaining training records
  6. Assist in Developing Manpower plan
  7. Developing Periodic Performance report
  8. Payroll Services
  9. Providing a team that will assist the company in preparing monthly payroll sheets and indemnity calculations. 
  10. Out Sourced Human Resources Services
  11. Out Sourced Compliance Services
  12. Out Sourced Information Technology Services 

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