Corporate Governance and Compliance


Corporate Governance and Compliance

‘Corporate governance is a highly inclusive concept that covers a number of different aspects about the way in which an organization is managed, directed and governed.’ – International Compliance Association. 

The increased demand for organizations to demonstrate transparency and credibility not just by regulators, but by stakeholders as well, is causing pressure on business development, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to abide and comply by them. 

At Boubyan, we understand that while it may be costly to comply by regulations, it can be counterproductive not to. Our team holds extensive experience in different industries, to help our clients develop compliance programs that will maximize their profitability and maintain their positions as drivers of their markets. We assist our clients in building structures and processes that facilitate them in sustaining their business regardless of the external challenges. Our clients gain signifiance in the market by staying compliant with regulations and improve the confidence of investors and regulators.  

Our services include: 

  1. Assist in Establishing compliance function 
  1. Technical Advice on local Regulations 
  1. Assist in Developing a Compliance monitoring program 
  1. Co-source of compliance function 
  1. Advisory Services for Board of Directors 
  1. Assess the Corporate Governance framework 
  1. Develop Corporate Governance Framework and Policies 
  1. Board of Directors Evaluations 
  1. Remuneration Governance and Board Secretarial Services 

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