Fraud and Investigation


Fraud and Investigation

Fraud Prevention and Investigation services: 

With the increasing reliance on technology and the overall increase in economic crimes globally, companies are more at risk of experiencing fraudulence. Despite the increasingly tight regulations, this increased exposure to fraud risk is a matter of great concern for businesses globally, thus increasing the need for awareness of fraud investigation and prevention.  

Fraud Prevention and Investigation services help companies minimize fraud risks, by assessing the existing controls to mitigate the risk and provide recommendations to companies on additional preventive procedures and controls to be applied to further mitigate fraud risk. 

At Boubyan Consulting, we understand that the effects of business crime can hinder the strategic objectives that an organization is aiming to achieve. Our Fraud Investigation team will cover full review of fraud cases in order to determine the root cause, estimated amount of loss and provide recommendations to be applied to enhance the internal controls. 

Our Fraud Prevention and Investigation Services are designed to help our clients to asses and identify the fraud risks and developing fraud preventions plans, and conducting fraud investigation. 

In addition our dispute resolving service is designed to help our clients in resolving disputes resulting from litigations, claims, contractual agreements and business terms. 

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