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Risk Management

“Risk management involves understanding, analyzing and addressing risk to make sure organizations achieve their objectives. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an integrated and joined up approach to managing risk across an organization and its extended networks.” – The Institute of Risk Management. 

Organizations today face new levels of risk produced by a diversity of new sources such as technological advances which bring cybersecurity threats; digitization of transactions, currencies and experiences which create an unpredictable geopolitical environment.  

At Boubyan, we understand how unanticipated risks can have detrimental effects on an organization’s strategic objectives. Our team of professionals will work closely with all departments, taking a global view and applying our technical and industry expertise to assess, evaluate and manage the risks that they are exposed to, by determining their risk appetite and tolerance. Our services will align your risks to your purpose and business strategy, limit risks and turn them into promising opportunities.  

Our services include: 

  1. Outsource / Co-source of Risk Management function 
  2. Transform / Set up of Risk Management Function 
  3. Develop a Risk Management Framework 
  4. Assist in developing Risk Appetite 
  5. Conduct a periodic assessment of risks and controls

Internal Audit

“Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.” – The Institute of Internal Auditors. 

The new era of highly competitive business environment has resulted in internal audit functions taking a broader role within the organization. It has become integral for every business to develop solutions for present day challenges with regards to new innovations, technologies and their respective emerging risks. 

At Boubyan, our skilled professionals apply International Auditing Standards to provide senior leaders, governing bodies, internal audit directors and audit committees with quality internal audit services. Our services are carefully crafted and catered to our client’s organizational risks, control environment, operational effectiveness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, thus enabling them in making their mark in the continuously changing and complex business environment.  

We provide flexible Internal Audit services depending on the size and industry of the organization, along with data analytics to help improve its controls and reach its strategic objectives.  

Our Services Include:  

  1. Transform/ Set up of Internal Audit function 
  1. Outsource/co-source of internal Audit Function 
  1. Quality Assurance Review of Internal Audit 
  1. Developing Risk based Internal Audit Plan 

In addition, Boubyan conduct Internal Control Reviews, which will help the company enhance its internal controls system by assessing all existing controls applied by the management to mitigate risks. The report covers full descriptions of risks and controls environment across all departments. Furthermore, the report will include details of controls, weaknesses and our internal controls solutions that are tailored to respond to disruptive market forces.


Corporate Governance and Compliance

‘Corporate governance is a highly inclusive concept that covers a number of different aspects about the way in which an organization is managed, directed and governed.’ – International Compliance Association. 

The increased demand for organizations to demonstrate transparency and credibility not just by regulators, but by stakeholders as well, is causing pressure on business development, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to abide and comply by them. 

At Boubyan, we understand that while it may be costly to comply by regulations, it can be counterproductive not to. Our team holds extensive experience in different industries, to help our clients develop compliance programs that will maximize their profitability and maintain their positions as drivers of their markets. We assist our clients in building structures and processes that facilitate them in sustaining their business regardless of the external challenges. Our clients gain signifiance in the market by staying compliant with regulations and improve the confidence of investors and regulators.  

Our services include: 

  1. Assist in Establishing compliance function 
  1. Technical Advice on local Regulations 
  1. Assist in Developing a Compliance monitoring program 
  1. Co-source of compliance function 
  1. Advisory Services for Board of Directors 
  1. Assess the Corporate Governance framework 
  1. Develop Corporate Governance Framework and Policies 
  1. Board of Directors Evaluations 
  1. Remuneration Governance and Board Secretarial Services 

Transformation and Business Improvements


With the current changing market and emergence of new business models, changing expectations and evolving regulations, organizations choosing to play it safe with traditional operations may not be able to compete with the increasing number of new businesses that are opting for more innovative ways to lead their businesses.  

At Boubyan, we believe in the uniqueness of each business hence we do not offer an off-shelf solution. On the contrary, we apply our global best practices, extensive knowledge of organizational functions and research in order to provide our clients with a customized solution that will align people, processes and technology across functions to connect the mission, vision and brand value with people and technology to transform the organization and drive it to its mission. 

Our Services Include: 

  1. Business Transformation 
  1. Organization Structure Design 
  1. Design of the Business Operating Model 
  1. Business Process Re-engineering 
  1. Assist in Developing Policies and procedures Manuals 
  1. Design KPIs and reporting Dashboard 
  1. Develop Job Descriptions 

Fraud and Investigation

Fraud Prevention and Investigation services: 

With the increasing reliance on technology and the overall increase in economic crimes globally, companies are more at risk of experiencing fraudulence. Despite the increasingly tight regulations, this increased exposure to fraud risk is a matter of great concern for businesses globally, thus increasing the need for awareness of fraud investigation and prevention.  

Fraud Prevention and Investigation services help companies minimize fraud risks, by assessing the existing controls to mitigate the risk and provide recommendations to companies on additional preventive procedures and controls to be applied to further mitigate fraud risk. 

At Boubyan Consulting, we understand that the effects of business crime can hinder the strategic objectives that an organization is aiming to achieve. Our Fraud Investigation team will cover full review of fraud cases in order to determine the root cause, estimated amount of loss and provide recommendations to be applied to enhance the internal controls. 

Our Fraud Prevention and Investigation Services are designed to help our clients to asses and identify the fraud risks and developing fraud preventions plans, and conducting fraud investigation. 

In addition our dispute resolving service is designed to help our clients in resolving disputes resulting from litigations, claims, contractual agreements and business terms. 


Outsourcing Services

At Boubyan, we always want our clients to stay ahead of their competitors. That is why, our skilled team is always updated and educated on new accounting rules, standards and best practices. 

Our Services Include: 

  1. Bookkeeping and recording of all transactions of the company in the accounting system and Preparing trial balances and periodic Financial Reports 
  2. Personnel Management Services 
  3. Managing Employee files 
  4. Managing Leave records 
  5. Maintaining training records
  6. Assist in Developing Manpower plan
  7. Developing Periodic Performance report
  8. Payroll Services
  9. Providing a team that will assist the company in preparing monthly payroll sheets and indemnity calculations. 
  10. Out Sourced Human Resources Services
  11. Out Sourced Compliance Services
  12. Out Sourced Information Technology Services 

Financial Advisory Services

The continuous changes in regulations, close investigation of company finances and the developments in accounting standards has increased the exposure of organizations to errors, especially when there is a lack of proper adoption of new standards and best practices.  

Our professional team is qualified with extensive practical experience in financial reporting and seamlessly transitioning an organization’s accounts to new accounting standards to customize our services to our clients’ specific needs and provide on-going technical updates and advice on all IFRS related matters. 

Boubyan Consulting has the next-generation approach to help companies achieve business advancement and high performance in this challenging global marketplace at a low cost. We offer proven CFO Service tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. Our highly qualified CPA’s provide professional support, which helps clients reduce labor costs significantly. Creative team members currently consists of Certified Public Accountants, and M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of CFO functions.  

Our service includes: 

  1. Transformation of Finance and Accounting function which include full development of the accounting function including organizations structure, policies, procedures, job descriptions, reporting pack, training of employees, assessment of accounting system, etc. 
  1. Assist in developing Annual Budget 
  1. Design Chart of Accounts 
  1. Assist in Developing Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual 
  1. Financing and Cash Flow: Even a profitable business can become insolvent without proper cash flow management sufficient for working capital, investment and financing. 
  1. Financial Oversight: Business owners & Key decision makers should have a complete understanding of their business financials to build future strategies and take key decisions. 
  1. Business Strategy: Giving your company best chances of success need a set strategy – after an in depth analysis of business external and internal environment.  
  1. Cost Optimization & Restructuring: Outsourced CFOs can usually make more strategic cost cuts than an in-house team, which makes it one of the popular outsourced CFO services.  

Corporate Finance

At Boubyan we advise corporate and entrepreneurs on the feasibility of raising finance, on designing the best structures and on selecting suitable sources of finance for businesses.  Further we undertake enterprise valuation, financial due diligence, advising on mergers & acquisitions, aligning financing decisions with operations and various other important facets of corporate finance.  Our Corporate Finance practice offers clients a unique combination of financial, and transactional advisory services.  Because our fee is not transaction-based, we can maintain genuine objectivity and interest in our clients’ long-term success. 

Our Services Include:  

  1. Transaction support 
  2. Valuation advisory 
  3. Restructuring support 
  4. Financial advisory
  5. Capital markets support 

Tax Services

Effective tax planning can empower business with a competitive advantage when aiming for growth and expansion, even when markets are challenging. Organizations increasingly understand the importance of addressing issues relating to corporate structures; evaluating jurisdictions where cross-border transactions are planned; addressing transfer pricing issues; and managing taxes with a view to enhancing competitiveness. 

We bring significant value to our clients by customizing tax strategies to fit different industry, legal and financial frameworks and help to minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities. 

We address a variety of business needs and help organizations align their businesses in a more tax efficient manner. 


SME Academy

Boubyan Consulting Company has a strategic partnership with the SME Academy, which is an international network founded in Sweden in 2005. SME Academy’s focus is on small and medium sized enterprises including new entrepreneurs, startups, incubators and innovation platforms, and providing them with valuable services which include business development tools, education and training programs.  

A membership with the SME Academy gives access to share information, news, projects, products and other activities with a wide base of stakeholders.  

Being a member of the SME Academy, you can benefit from the group of Business Developers, Trainers, Mentors, Consultants, Service Providers, Authorities, representatives from the Public Sector on all levels, Universities with researches, teachers and professors, VET Schools and SME Associations. You will also have access to channels and forums, invitations to closed groups, workshops and seminars. 

You can be a member both as an organization and as an individual. 

International Controls Review

internal controls review will help the company to enhance its internal controls system by assessing all existing controls applied by the managment to mitigate risks . the report covered full descriptions of risks and controls environment across all departments .in additions the report will include derails of controls weakness and our recommendations to enhance the internal controls of the company

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