Financial Advisory Services


Financial Advisory Services

The continuous changes in regulations, close investigation of company finances and the developments in accounting standards has increased the exposure of organizations to errors, especially when there is a lack of proper adoption of new standards and best practices.  

Our professional team is qualified with extensive practical experience in financial reporting and seamlessly transitioning an organization’s accounts to new accounting standards to customize our services to our clients’ specific needs and provide on-going technical updates and advice on all IFRS related matters. 

Boubyan Consulting has the next-generation approach to help companies achieve business advancement and high performance in this challenging global marketplace at a low cost. We offer proven CFO Service tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. Our highly qualified CPA’s provide professional support, which helps clients reduce labor costs significantly. Creative team members currently consists of Certified Public Accountants, and M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of CFO functions.  

Our service includes: 

  1. Transformation of Finance and Accounting function which include full development of the accounting function including organizations structure, policies, procedures, job descriptions, reporting pack, training of employees, assessment of accounting system, etc. 
  1. Assist in developing Annual Budget 
  1. Design Chart of Accounts 
  1. Assist in Developing Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual 
  1. Financing and Cash Flow: Even a profitable business can become insolvent without proper cash flow management sufficient for working capital, investment and financing. 
  1. Financial Oversight: Business owners & Key decision makers should have a complete understanding of their business financials to build future strategies and take key decisions. 
  1. Business Strategy: Giving your company best chances of success need a set strategy – after an in depth analysis of business external and internal environment.  
  1. Cost Optimization & Restructuring: Outsourced CFOs can usually make more strategic cost cuts than an in-house team, which makes it one of the popular outsourced CFO services.  

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