SME Academy


SME Academy

Boubyan Consulting Company has a strategic partnership with the SME Academy, which is an international network founded in Sweden in 2005. SME Academy’s focus is on small and medium sized enterprises including new entrepreneurs, startups, incubators and innovation platforms, and providing them with valuable services which include business development tools, education and training programs.  

A membership with the SME Academy gives access to share information, news, projects, products and other activities with a wide base of stakeholders.  

Being a member of the SME Academy, you can benefit from the group of Business Developers, Trainers, Mentors, Consultants, Service Providers, Authorities, representatives from the Public Sector on all levels, Universities with researches, teachers and professors, VET Schools and SME Associations. You will also have access to channels and forums, invitations to closed groups, workshops and seminars. 

You can be a member both as an organization and as an individual. 

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